4 Crafty Ways to Use & Re-Use Your Banner Stand

Banner stands are uniquely versatile. They’re a powerful marketing tool that can help bring your brand to life. They also happen to be the display piece most customers start shopping for. People sometimes believe they are designed for a single purpose, but that’s not true. In fact, there are much better ways to make use […]

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Your Trade Show… Billboard?

It might sound weird, but you should design your trade show booth display like you would a billboard and not like a brochure. Whether you’re exhibiting in a 10×10 booth space with a pop-up display, or a 30×30 with an elaborate MultiQuad display system, your display is your own personal Van Gogh. Your trade show […]

Outdated Trade Show Graphics Translate into Poor Impressions

What started out as the best trade show display ever… ten years ago, could now be dead weight dragging you under at your trade shows. An entire re-do might be necessary, but if you’re pinching pennies this year, some simple upgrades might be enough to give that outdated display (or outdated trade show graphics) the […]

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What color should you use in your next trade show display?

If you’ve ever painted your home or office, you know what a daunting task picking the right color(s) can be. Frankly, it’s not an easy chore with the endless color possibilities to pick from and worse, keeping in mind what your customers will think or more importantly, feel, when they see your color selection. Color […]

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Spelling errors cost big bucks – during Jeopardy AND trade shows

I’ve been particularly interested in Jeopardy lately. I’ll admit, I often turn on the show while folding laundry or cleaning up after dinner, but I always especially like to tune in during “Kid’s Week”, as I can come up with many more correct “Questions” than during the regularly scheduled program. I happened to be watching […]