Exhibitor Show Trends for 2017

I recently attended ExhibitorLive 2017, the trade show for those of us who either buy exhibits or provide those exhibits, along with suppliers of everything from flooring to electronic wizardry. Some take-a-ways from this year’s show: I saw a lot more AV companies showing 4G monitors, monitor walls, and LED walls than ever before, and […]

Trade Show Leads

5 Tips for being a Pro during your Trade Show

Last week we talked about the fantastic energy that a young new hire can bring to your exhibiting program, and how to harness and train that energy to bring about the best results for your company. As an established company, it may have been awhile since you’ve brought new hires onto the trade show floor, […]

Pricey Internet Fees for Exhibitors Results in Pricier Fine for Marriott

  How important is your vendor internet connection, and what are you willing to do to keep it functional? In October, 2014, the FCC fined Marriott International $600,000 for intentionally blocking wi-fi in their conference room at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville. According to the FCC statements, employees would use a “jamming device” to […]

Top Trade Show Technology Trends of 2014

Technology in your booth space is an important component for successful exhibiting in that it can drive engagement and create a memorable booth experience. Earlier this year GES released their 2014 Trend Tracker which provides a checklist of 50 of the top trade show industry trends. While the full report covers different aspects of the […]

Dress Up your Trade Show Booth

Last year we posted a blog that encouraged exhibitors to revamp a stale display by adding technology to the booth space. That still holds. Video monitors, mobile apps, iPads and kiosks, social media integration, LED lighting or motion lighting, and interactive media to name a few, are all great ways to spark new interest if […]

Trade Show Tablet

3 things you’re missing by not having a tablet in your trade show booth

Tablets are a great addition to any size booth space, and iPads are the perfect technology upgrade if you’re looking to revamp a stale display. So how can having a tablet add to the overall success of your trade show? 1. Attendee-Exhibitor Engagement A tablet can certainly boost engagement within a booth space. Tablets are […]

Outdated Trade Show Graphics Translate into Poor Impressions

What started out as the best trade show display ever… ten years ago, could now be dead weight dragging you under at your trade shows. An entire re-do might be necessary, but if you’re pinching pennies this year, some simple upgrades might be enough to give that outdated display (or outdated trade show graphics) the […]

custom trade show booth display in Michigan

Revamp a Stale Display by Adding Technology to your Booth Space!

So you’ve decided to exhibit, great! There’s no better way to put yourself right in front of your customers. Next, comes standing out and drawing those highly-sought after customers right into your booth space. Besides having an eye-catching custom trade show booth display, what can you do? Start by asking yourself the following questions: 1. […]

Technology brings your trade show display into the 21st Century!

In a world driven by technology, we hear often about the importance of having an updated website in order to effectively communicate your brand and your message. Your website changes and evolves to remain competitive and relevant – and so should your trade show display! Much like your website, your trade show display booth is […]