Trade Show Statistics & Trends

Trade Show Statistics & Trends

Last year we published a blog entitled, “10 impressive statistics to back your trade show marketing program”. You can revisit those statistics by pulling up that blog post, here. While trade shows remain #1 in business-to-business marketing spend to support sales beating out specialty publications, internet, promotions, and PR respectively, we wanted to update some […]

When times get tough – Exhibiting can boost sales

When times get tough or the economy is bad, marketing budgets seem to be one of the first things cut when companies are looking for ways to save costs. While it is certainly smart to re-examine where your marketing and all other business expenses are going, for goodness sake, don’t stop promoting your products or […]

10 impressive statistics to back your trade show marketing program

Often times, trade shows are hyped as the ultimate business-to-business marketing component and sales mechanism without any data to support it. At our Open House last week, we shared a presentation that gave impressive statistics on the ROI of exhibiting at trade shows. Here are a few more key statistics that were previously published by […]